Al Rostamani Communications


IoT in healthcare is the key player in providing better medical facilities to the patients and facilitates the doctors and hospitals as well. This solution here consists of various devices such as sensors and web based or mobile based applications which communicate via network connected devices and helps to monitor and record patients’ health data and medical information. The rise of IoT in Healthcare has several advantages like Reducing emergency room wait time, Tracking patients, staff, and inventory, Enhancing drug management and Ensuring availability of critical hardware.


Smart Retail solution is best suited for shopping malls, supermarket, etc. Using sensors, beacons, and cloud platform, the solution helps retailers personalize the in-store experience by allowing them to send personalized offers straight to a customer’s mobile device when they are nearby or in the store. ARC helps retailers to Elevate the consumer experience, Real-time promotions and interaction, Increased sales and reduced customer churn, Detailed customer segmentation for targeted marketing, Detailed analytics via admin back end and Indoor navigation guidance.