Al Rostamani Communications


ARC Service Provider division has advanced itself in driving the acceleration of Digital Transformation for telecommunications in the 5G era, with Internet of Thigs (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. 5G brings connected IOT devices (Industry 4.0) to mobile networks simultaneously; enabling more data and information to be exchanged in real time. In addition, the emergence of edge computing which can unlock more efficient data transfer and when powered by AI engine will play an important role in creating new value and insight through the analysis of the vast volumes of data and information being collected. ARC Digital Solutions offers the chance to recast customer value propositions, accelerate industrial transformation, and reinvigorate the digital society. ARC Digital Solutions include Smart City, Smart Parking, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Waste Bins, Smart Environment, Water Quality Monitoring, Smart Rooms, Smart Intrusion Detection, Smart Transportation, Smart Tracking, Industrial Automation and Bots, etc. Another specialize offering is in 5G Network Testing and other 5G complementing technology like NFV and SDN. Traditionally, ARC is a strong partner for service providers and having expertise in the following solutions.

  1. Customer Premises Equipment & devices (Residential gateways, Cordless/IP Phones, IADs,
    SIP Gateways, Set-Top Boxes, SBCs, Business Gateways, etc.)
  2. Remote Access Server for Internet Infrastructure
  3. Computerized Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System
  4. Internet Caching System
  5. Video on Demand
  6. Mobile Number Portability
  7. Intelligent Video Surveillance
  8. Unified Communications
  9. IP & Telecom Testing Equipment
  10. Smart City (AI/IOT)
  11. Data Center
  12. Enterprise Networking
  13. Nest Generation WiFi
  14. Enterprise Cloud
  15. Enterprise Applications
  16. Enterprise Cloud/IT Security
  17. Digital Transformation