Al Rostamani Communications


The cybercrime landscape has continued to evolve at an alarming speed with a variety of threats. The spate of attacks that bring down networks, disrupting businesses, causing financial losses for companies and individuals as well as compromising data underlines the need for a comprehensive multi-layered security strategy that is proactive and preempt cyber-attacks. ARC offers a truly integrated approach to securing the customer’s digital assets and data with its Security Connected framework, that ensures multi-layered security with a combination of tools and approaches and actionable intelligence that ensures early detection and immediate remediation of malware.
  1. SDN & SDWAN
  2. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  3. SOC Automation
  4. IAM/PAM, Information rights management
  5. Advance Persistent Threat (APT)
  6. DLP & End Point Security